Sarah, Internal Auditor


I was first introduced to Fortis through their annual End of Busy Season Casino Night celebration, where I was expecting a representative to try and sell me on another job. However, no one even mentioned job opportunities; their purpose was to make connections and start developing relationships. I got to know Frankie on a personal level, and when the time came that I needed advice and guidance in my job search, I knew whom to call. Frankie gave me a whole list of positions from a range of companies (Fortune 500s, Big 4, and other really great opportunities), and spoke about the pros/cons of each. What really sets Fortis and Frankie apart from others is their dedication to your preparedness for interviews. Whether it was how to present yourself, what questions to ask, and how to discuss salary, the pre-interview conversations made a big difference in my confidence level, and also conveys how much they really care. They were able to provide insights into the company culture, any feedback, and the hiring process, which I normally wouldn’t have been able to find out. They care about your continued success and will keep connected even after you’ve been placed. I highly recommend their services!