Patrick, Senior Accountant


I had been searching for new job opportunities in the finance and accounting field for a long time. I had met with a number of different recruiting agencies over the past few years, but I can honestly say that I received more personal attention from the Fortis Group than any other agency I worked with in my career. With most recruiting agencies, I always felt like I had to contact them to pursue new opportunities, but Fortis was the complete opposite. My recruiter at Fortis, Damon, sent me e-mails each week with new employment opportunities. Damon also prepared me thoroughly for interviews by offering knowledge and guidance, which allowed me to be successful in the interviews. The day I had my interview with my new company, I called Damon and told him I thought it went really well. Damon called me back about three hours later with a job offer. I couldn’t believe how fast he made it happen. Damon helped me find an opportunity with a company that has a lot of growth opportunity and a great work environment. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the people I worked with at Fortis Consulting Group. Nowadays, when friends ask me for names of recruiting agencies, the only contact I give them is Fortis Consulting Group.