Mike, Tax Manager


I thought Fortis gave me great service every step of my career. My recruiter talked to me about a position that I was going to accept and made me realize that it was not the best move for me. This turned out to be one of the best career decisions I ever made. They then helped me land a job at one of the best firms that I have worked for in terms of great atmosphere and work environment. One of the insights I would share is that finding your dream job doesn’t always go in a straight line. Fortis helped me find a great position which ultimately led to a new company based on a merger. Then I wanted to experience corporate tax at a large Fortune 500 company which became possible with the help of Fortis. I ultimately came back to public accounting and this led me to my current job that I have held for over four years. It is a great family business where I prepare tax returns and “wear many hats” as they say since we are a small company. The hours are better than public accounting, and I really enjoy the work. After all of these career changes, I realize I never would have found this opportunity if I didn’t have Fortis on my side.