Clare, Senior Director of Finance


From the moment I spoke with Frankie Francese it was clear that Fortis Consulting was not like all the other recruiting agencies. At the time, I was looking to transition out of public accounting, but I didn’t have the typical audit background. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of role I was looking for, but I knew that I didn’t want an accounting or tax job. Frankie took the time to get to know my strengths and experience. He asked good questions and eventually was able to help me identify that a career in finance is where I would excel. Making the transition from accounting to finance is not easy, but the Fortis team made it happen for me by leveraging their network of relationships. The relationship did not end there, which is what makes these guys so different. Over the last five years, Frankie has kept tabs on my career development and continues to try and be of service both in my personal job searches as well as the hiring needs I’ve had for junior-level roles on my team. I look forward to continuing a relationship with them throughout my career.