Meryl, Senior Accountant


“Working with Joe Reilly and Fortis Consulting was an entirely different recruiting experience. I can attest that a lot of hard work and effort was put into matching me with my current position. I initially met with Joe in person and he was able to really get a sense of my personal situation and where I wanted to take the next step in my career. He also collected detailed information regarding my background that was not originally on my resume to make the best possible match with the current roles available. One of my personal struggles was building confidence prior to an interview. Joe and his team were able to coach me through every step of every interview he organized for me. Joe helped me troubleshoot my answers and gave me great hypothetical and company specific practice questions and role played possible interview scenarios. Not only that, he was down to earth and had a realistic perspective when discussing the job market.  He followed up with me on a daily basis to give me updates on my application status and acted like a true professional. It was a pleasure to work with Joe and I would recommend him to any young professionals out there looking to take the next step in their career.”